Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My friend Andres

Originally uploaded by Skymaster.
He is not that young, he is not that experienced in flying planes (though he is a very good pilot), but believe me... He is one of the greatest, coolest and smartest guys I ever found. Used to high responsibility and with no much more patience than me (which is not that much) he has a hands-on approach to life that is beyond my energy. Sometimes he makes me feel a little old! During our long trip from Colorado Springs to Mexico city in the Skymaster, not even once could I take my bag out of the plane. Sometimes my girlfriend called right after landing, sometimes I was just enjoying a stretch after flying the plane, but no matter what, right away, right there, as I turned my head for the plane to take my stuff out, there he was with the plane already closed and my bags and his, down and ready. No time to waste!
And in a society where nobody likes or even feel inclined to share both experience and assets, this guy is a real find. Not to mention his beautiful (and patient) family. Ah yes, and he is never late for anything...


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